Recommended Websites

XNA3D101 Files - This is the file share for this website. You should be able to find all of the source code for these tutorials, as well as the content files for the projects.

Riemer's Tutorials - I've used this website more than any other learning XNA 3D.

Microsoft's XNA Code Examples - I have only looked at a couple of these App Hub XNA examples but there appears to be some pretty good stuff there.

RB Whitiker's Site - RB's website has some of the best XNA tutorials I've seen, especially for some of the more advanced concepts like extending the content pipeline. Most of the tutorials there are pretty much "required" reading for anyone serious about XNA programming.

XNA Toymaker - There's some really good information on this site. Some of the tutorials have not been updated for XNA 4.0 at the time of this writing, but there's still a lot of good info on this site.

Khan Academy - In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of Khan Academy, it basically a project to provide free education over the internet for free to the world. There are numerous videos on that site teaching subjects relative to XNA such as matrices, vectors, and especially trigonometry. Most of the matrices and vector stuff is going to be buried in the Linear Algebra lessons. That's kind of a shame because matrices and vectors aren't all that terribly difficult if you get the right person to explain them to you, but Linear Algebra is generally considered a pretty advanced math class. Anyway, there's a lot there worth checking out. - I'm starting to move this site to OpenGL and this looks to me like an excelent resourse to help you learn OpenGL until I can get more material posted. Even then, this is such an excelent resourse that I'll probably not try and duplicate it but rather try to expand upon it. Check it out because I really think it's worth your time if you want to learn modern OpenGL.



External Sites

I am not affiliated with any of the websites that I am giving links for on this website. These are just sites that I use or have found helpful. I can't be responsible for what is on those sites. I don't think you will have any problems with those sites, but if you do - I don't have any control over them.


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