Part I - The Grid

The source code and project for this tutorial is done. You can go ahead and download it. It "should" be self documenting to the point that you don't really need a tutorial, but I intend to write up a tutorial on this page eventually anyway.

However, I would like to get the source code done for the entire tutorial before writing the webpages. That's partially because I hope to have all of the source code so self documented that you don't need any additional explanation and also because I need the code written before I do a web page talking about it. And I want to just get the whole thing out there before spending a lot of time writing the web page.

So, feel free to download the source code and get started. Hopefully, I will get more of a tutorial going on this webpage eventually.


Part II - The Textured Terrain



In Part I we look at the basics of creating a terrain grid.

Believe it or not, this is the same grid.


Source Code


The Holodeck




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