Welcome to Virtually Programming. This site is dedicated to teaching beginning programmers to build virtual realities and 3D simulations and games.  Admittingly, there's nothing VR here yet, but there's a fair amount of 3D source code examples.

What's Here?

The site was originally an XNA site and I've been in the process of transitioning it to more of a Virtual Reality programming site. I've kept the old XNA stuff up for anyone who wants it, although I've pretty much completely abandoned XNA and MonoGame.

I have source code (the entire project and all the associated files actually) for a barebones DX11 engine which is probably the highlight of this site at the moment.

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding this DX engine in OGL 4.5 so that I can use that as a basis for more game programming oriented tutorials. I'm not quite ready with even the first tutorial project, but I've gone ahead and posted what I currently have.

I've been transitioning to doing more of my tutorial work on my YouTube channel. As such, I'm leaning towards just providing source code that is well documented for you to read through and learn from rather than detailed "how to" tutorials. I found that 9 times out of 10, this is what I want when I'm trying to learn: a working example to walk through line by line to figure out how it works. At this point, that's basically what my tutorials are. With the YouTube channel I hope to eventually provide videos that walk through the code with you line by line to explain the code.

But all of this takes a tremendous amount of time and I have several other projects that are currently drawing me away from these efforts. Much of that is aimed at eventually even doing more here. However, I currently don't have a lot of time to produce these tutorials or work on this website. Still, I'm trying to get tutorials published as I can.

Under Construction

Seems like this site is continuously "Under Construction". I guess it actually is. I've gone through a long journey starting in XNA, moving to DX11, doing some Unity along the way, and most recently moving to OGL 4.5 and trying to gear up to learn Vulkan if not DX12.

This site was originally dedicated to teaching XNA. I rebranded the site after XNA was abandoned by Microsoft (MonoGame is however carrying that torch forward). The new brand is of course and I have started a YouTube channel by the same name recently as well. I hope to put a lot of the focus on the YouTube videos and have this website support that. The YouTube channel is intended to be the primary source of instruction with this website serving to fascilitate that and provide a place for anything further needed like downloading the source code.

 DirectX 11

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DirectX 11

OpengGL 4.5




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