Part II - The Textured Grid

FINALLY! This part is done as far as the code. Download it below, and there is a second version in HLSL that is not to teach just as much as its there to show what's possible.



The Textured Grid

I'm still working on this tutorial, but the screenshot above is what Part II is all about.

In this part, we cleanup and take things a bit further. We get the grid centered, put the grid code into an XNA drawable game component, go into the more complex terrain collision algorithm, change the camera to "walk" across the terrain, load the terrain height data from a Height Map file instead of generating it, look at Mip Mapping and using .DDS texture files, and switch from Wire Frame mode to actually texturing the terrain (I've used a "grid" texture which makes it look similar to wireframe, but you'll notice that it is no longer transparent and that the "grid lines" are much thicker. You could replace this texture with a grass or dirt texture and we'll probably do that in Part III or IV.

XNA 4.0 Source Code

MonoGame 3.4 Source Code VS2013

Sample of HLSL



The Holodeck




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