Here are the tutorials. These tutorials are the primary purpose of the whole website. You may want to take a look at the Fundamentals section before going through these, but the fundamentals section may make more sense after you've gone through a hand full of the tutorials.


3D Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - The Holodeck

Tutorial 2 - Matrices In Motion

Tutorial 4 - The Sky Box (Yes I know I skipped 3)

Tutorial 5 - Rigid Animation

Tutorial 6 - Terrain


2D Tutorials  

Tutorial - Acceleration




Working Examples







Work in Progress

I've been hard at work on these tutorials over the past couple of months. As you can see, they are still a long ways from finished. But hopefully you can go ahead and dig into them. I believe Tutorials 1 and 2 are 100% complete. In Tutorial 1 I painstakingly go through every last step and walk you through it. I found that rather "painful" to go through and thought I might be boring you with such detailed and long winded explanations.

I also decided you would get more from simply reading the source code in the program as long as it's well commented.

So, starting with Tutorial 2, I've started just posting all of the source code with detailed comments. Hopefully, the source code is all you need to understand it. Still, once I get some time I plan on coming back and doing some sort of tutorial. Tutorial 2 is a good example of that. In the Terrain tutorial, I think some pictures and diagrams may help explain things beyond what I can do in the source code; so I hope to post that sort of thing as a tutorial before I'm done. Still, my focus right now is just getting the source code posted so that you can download it and start going through it.

I'm interested in feed back on what people think the problems with the website are and specifically whether people think the format of Tutorial 1 where I go through every last step is better or worse than the later tutorials where I focus more on commenting the source code and expect you to just read through the source code.


The Holodeck




Future Use